Whether it's a satellite dish heater to melt snow and ice or a rain repellent treatment, Solid Signal carries specialized equipment to keep signal strong.
Don’t let rain fade from severe weather interfere with your satellite signal and prevent you from watching your favorite shows! Solid Signal offers the best rain fade solutions on the market!
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Melt Ice & Snow
Before They're a Problem
  • Satellite dish heaters melt ice and snow build-up that block TV signal

  • HotShot works to check and
    regulate dish temperature to
    keep your dish clear

  • No electrician needed! -
    Just apply the stick-on the element and power it up

  • Works with DIRECTV, DISH, HughesNet, WildBlue, and most standard 24-30" satellite dishes
Heavy Rain Causing Signal Dropouts?
We Can Help You Fix That Too!
Even in areas where it doesn't snow, satellite signal can be affected by the heavier rains this season brings.

  • Dome Magic is a water-repellent treatment that prevents signal loss from rain

  • Works on satellite dishes and
    satellite domes

  • Simply wipe on once and it
    protects for up to six months
Did You Know Most Satellite Issues
Are Caused by Bad Connectors and/or Splitters?
  • Improperly sealed connectors allow moisture in and disrupt service

  • Cold temperatures cause cable conductors to shrink and result in loss of signal

  • Be sure your signal is strong by replacing your coax connectors.


  • Satellite splitters can be a point of vulnerability for outdoor cable run

  • Your signal is only as strong as the weakest link

  • We recommend checking splitters for corrosion, and replacing if necessary

Need New Coax Cable?
We do that too!
See the Best in Satellite Dish Mounting Accessories
Keeping your signal strong during winter is only half the battle.  If you want to be able to watch all of the content that your satellite TV provider offers, an upgrade may be what you need.
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