Xtreme Signal Offers High-Gain TV Antenna Options for Every Home
Don’t let rain fade from severe weather interfere with your satellite signal and prevent you from watching your favorite shows! Solid Signal offers the best rain fade solutions on the market!
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HD-BLADE Indoor HDTV Antenna
  • Pick up free HDTV channels from up to 30 miles away!

  • Low-profile design is totally flat and can easily be tucked out of sight

  • Includes 3M adhesive patches for mounting to wall or window
HDB2X 2-Bay Bowtie TV Antenna
  • Outdoor or indoor TV antenna

  • 35+ mile reception

  • Low-profile design fits most HOA guidelines

HDB4X 4-Bay Bowtie TV Antenna
  • 45+ mile reception

  • Low-profile design

  • Picks up signal within 60° beam
Pick up two directions at once
With the HDB8X 8-Bay Bowtie Antenna
  • Allows you to pick-up channels from two directions at once!

  • Pulls in stations from up to 65 miles away in a single direction, or up to 45 miles in two different directions

  • Better alternative than having to rotate for each direction
For the Strongest Signal
Try the HDB91X Long Range Yagi Antenna
  • Simply one of our strongest HDTV antennas for long-range reception

  • Receives stations from up to 70+ miles away on UHF and up to 25 miles for high-VHF channels

  • The Yagi design helps block interference for clean HD reception
Traditional HDTV and Radio Antenna

  • Classic VHF/UHF Antenna for up to 100 miles

  • Also picks up FM/HD Radio up to 60 miles

  • One of the few antennas that receive low-VHF
We've Got Everything You'll Need to Install It
Coax Cable
Antenna Mounts
Antenna Rotators
Indoor Distribution Amps
Distribution amps are placed indoors before splitters or long cable runs to help compensate for signal loss.
Outdoor Pre-Amps
Pre-amps boost signal at the source and  install outside at the antenna to provide an efficient boost in signal.
*While Supplies Last - No Rain Checks
**Orders May Take Up To One Week To Ship

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