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Dropped Calls & Slow Data are Generally Caused By:
Building material such as glass, metal, concrete, & energy-efficient material can make getting a signal more difficult.
Large populations may overcrowd & lower the reliability of a cell tower.
External obstructions like buildings, trees, or your surrounding topography may cause signal loss.
Too much distance between you & the cell tower may cause poor signal.
Your Options To Solve Poor Signal Issues...
Trash current phone
Relocate to a new house
Get a signal booster
Solid signal is proud to offer some of the leading brands when it comes to choosing a cell phone signal booster for your home, office, vehicle, boat and more. Check out some of our best selling brands below.
Here Are Our Best Selling Brands:
Solutions For Your Every Need
  • Offers solutions for small, medium, & large home or office, car, truck, or RV.

  • Boosters are able to support a full range of carriers and networks.

  • All boosters read bands from 700mHz to 2100mHz.

  • Configured for GSM, CDMA, LTE, HSPA+, FDMA, OFDMA, & more.

  • Offers 2-year manufacturer warranty
Solutions For Your Commercial Applications
  • Offers solutions for home or office under 5000 square feet, and motor vehicles.

  • Boosters are FCC certified and Carrier approved by all major US Carriers.

  • Up to a +12dB more downlink power, providing larger coverage areas from a single booster.

  • Offers 3-year warranty on their products.
Solutions You Can Customize for Home & Office
  • Offers solutions for small, medium, & large home or office, vehicle, industrial, & communal.

  • 5-Band amplifiers to support 4G across all major US cellular networks.

  • WiFi enhanced cell phone signal boosters.

  • Offers 3-year warranty on their products
Simple Solutions For Your Home & Office
  • Offers solutions for home, office, vehicle, & industrial.

  • Boosters are compatible with all major US cellular carriers.

  • The adjustable setting of dB gain for each customer’s specific location.

  • Offers 3-year warranty on their products.
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