You need something that handles the demands of working at home or on the go

Urgent: Are you one of the millions of people working from home right now?

If so, you may be there for the long haul. This means you can’t rely on the connectivity solution you have in place.

You need something that handles the demands of working at home or on the go.

Even if you’re not working from home, you still want high-speed Internet you can count on.

Solid Signal has the solution:
These mobile hotspots combined with WiFi routers that work off 4G LTE cellular data!
GotW3 150Mbps Router and SD Card Kit for ATT
GotW3 150Mbps Router and SD Card Kit for T-Mobile
These devices deliver unlimited data internet at speeds up to 70 Mbps. They also:

  • Work alongside your existing Wi-Fi solution.

  • Even-out usage amongst plans so max caps and carriers are better managed!

  • Go to work immediately out of the box!
What about the cost? Well, this ultimate connectivity solution is extremely affordable:

  • Get your router for $199.99 or make payments as low as $19/month with affirm!

  • Solid Signal offers volume discounts to businesses and companies!

  • There are no credit checks, no contracts, and no data limits!

  • Monthly service is available with T-Mobile or AT&T. (additional service fees apply)

That’s great, but is this solution REALLY for everyone? Here are the people who can use it:

  • Business owners: Use it for billing, communicating, and everything else you do!

  • Employees: Work from home with no interruptions or lag!

  • Home users: Improve gaming, streaming, and everything else!
So, in a word, YES! This is for EVERYONE who needs a reliable, high-speed connectivity solution! To customize your solution, we offer carrier options for rural and urban areas.

When investing in technology, it’s important to know you’re getting the best product/service at the best price, right? Trust the name that 1+ million satisfied customers have trusted for over 17 years... Solid Signal.

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